Christian Frezza presents "Seminar Series in Systems Biomedicine" (SBS)

Christian Frezza of the MRC Cancer Unit at Cambridge University speaks today "The Metabolic Transformation of Fumarate Hydratase Deficient Cells" at the "Seminar Series in Systems Biomedicine (SBS)", hosted at JRC-COMBINE, Pharmacology building, MTI-2, Wendlingweg 2 Aachen.

This new seminar series is jointly organised by JRC-COMBINE, Dr. Costa's laboratory and Prof. Thorsten Cramer (University Hospital RWTH Aachen) and features the full spectrum from computational to experimental approaches in systems biomedicine. The seminars are held bi-weekly in the large seminar room of the Pharmacology Building (MTI 2), Wendlingweg 2, Aachen, Germany. Anyone interested in attending or presenting is invited to sign up to the SBS Google Calendar and to contact the organizers at Click here for Directions in Googlemaps.

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