Marc Brehme joins COST Action European Network PROTEOSTASIS

Dr. Marc Brehme joined the COST Action PROTEOSTASIS BM1307, a European network with the main objective to facilitate research and collaborations in the fields of intracellular proteolysis pathways in health and disease. Proteolytic processes add to the clearance machinery that represents a core functional arm within the cellular proteostasis network.

Proteomes of eukaryotic cells and tissues comprise a complex repertoire of diverse protein species that organize in complex molecular machines and networks. Proteostasis describes the control of each protein’s homeostasis, including concentration, fold, interaction profile, and subcellular localization. The proteostasis network unites intricately regulated core cellular processes that evolved to maintain the healthy folded proteome. Emerging functional understanding of the PN has already revealed links to several of the most challenging diseases of our time, including neurodegenerative, metabolic, and cardiovascular disorders as well as cancer. Proteostasis deregulation in disease however remains largely unexplored at a systems level, a paradox given the fundamental role of proteostasis in cellular and organismal health.

Dr. Brehme’s research focus in computational biomedicine at JRC-COMBINE is interdisciplinary and aims at a systems-level understanding of proteostasis network alterations in human diseases, towards novel hypotheses and rationales for therapeutic proteostasis readjustment therapies. Towards this goal his group collaborates with experimental and clinical research groups. Membership within the COST PROTEOSTASIS network will further foster such computational - experimental collaborative interactions in the field of proteostasis.

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