Crowdsourcing computational biomedicine - DREAM challenges

The main challenges in systems biomedicine are very complex, and can  not be fully solved by a research group alone. Therefore, we are involved in DREAM challenges, a community effort to advance our understanding of fundamental problems in systems biology and translational medicine.

We ask these questions to the whole scientific community as a collaborative competition whereby, together with specific data providers, we pose questions and provide the data necessary to address them, such as what is the best drug to treat a tumour type. Anyone can participate, and DREAM  provides an unbiased, rigorous assessment of a team’s solution. When the challenge is closed, participants’  solutions are analyse to learn what methods did well.

Julio is DREAM co-Director for Computational Systems Biology Challenges, and we have been involved in a number of challenges.

See below a video about a recent DREAM challenge (Eduati et al., Nat Biotechnol. 2015) on toxicogenomics: 

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